Tattoo Magic

Tattoo Magic

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Жанр : Promopress
Издательство : Promopress
Год издания : 2013


Since the dawn of time, people have painted and embellished their skin in a variety of forms, techniques and styles. Today the centuries old art of tattooing has developed into an exciting, creative and powerful mode of self-expression. Not just a skin-deep body decoration, tattoos have become very much a part of popular sub-culture, infiltrating the worlds of fashion, art, music and television. 'Tattoo Magic' explores this extraordinary and antique form of body art and showcases a rigorous selection of the best tattoo designs from all over the world. Bursting with unique photos and illustrations of tattoo art from butterflies, flowers, 50's pin ups and black and white portraits to religious iconography, tribal markings and intricate oriental motifs, Tattoo Magic boasts a superlative array of world class tattoo designs created using a wide range of techniques. The result is a book which is the ultimate reflection of the global tattoo scene and a rich source of inspiration for designers, artists looking for new ideas, trends and images in contemporary body art design.

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