Shaoqiang Wang: Imprint: Innovative Book and Promo Design

Shaoqiang Wang: Imprint: Innovative Book and Promo Design

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Жанр : Promopress
Издательство : Promopress
Год издания : 2011


This book focuses on the creative design aspects of books, print and paper. The book explorest the essential formats, dimensions, techniques and elements that can enhance both the aesthetic appearance and visual impact of innovtive editorial design for books, catalouges, mailings, posters for promotional material etc. A great practical reference book for graphic designers and editors, presenting some of the finest examples of cutting-edge in print today with examples of the some of the world leading graphic design stuidos. Ranging from highly technical and directional to the functional and simplistic, all the styles and examples represented in the book will enable any designer or publishing creative to broaden their creative horizons and technical skills.

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