Future Fashion

Future Fashion

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Жанр : Promopress
Издательство : Promopress
Год издания : 2013


The fusion between fashion, technology and design is more dynamic than ever before and this collaboration has generated the rapid development of original materials and alternative fabrics. Inspired by the growing trend for eco-fashion, wearable technology and 'smart clothing', designers are experimenting with new ideas and approaches to fabrications that will take their collections to the next level. Now innovative technologies have been incorporated and more sophisticated processes have been applied to fabrics in order to achieve modern surfaces, textures and finishes, once impossible to attain using traditional materials. Featuring the work of fashion-forward designers such as Martin Margiela, this startling book explores in depth the radical new innovations in fashion technology and exciting trends in materials set to change the face of fashion. Packed with information on the hottest new stories in the textile industry, «Future Fashion» is essential for all those who want to stay on top of the emerging directions in fashion technology and future implications for material developments.

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