Storr Robert: Neo Rauch: At the Well

Storr Robert: Neo Rauch: At the Well

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Жанр : Thames&Hudson
Издательство : Thames&Hudson
Год издания : 2015


At the Well, produced to coincide with an exhibition of Neo Rauch's (born 1960) new works at David Zwirner in New York, brings together both small and large format paintings that expand the artist's unique iconography of eccentric figures, animals and hybrids within vaguely familiar but imaginary settings. This oversized catalogue-designed in close collaboration with the artist-is anchored by 16 stunning plates and numerous 1:1 details that give viewers intimate access to these compelling compositions. Themes of rebirth and new beginnings abound: Rauch consistently creates characters who appear to be in the process of transformation. At the Well features an essay by art historian and curator Sir Norman Rosenthal, who presents a careful reading of Rauch's new work. The book also includes a reprint of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale The Young Giant, specifically chosen by Rosenthal to further expand his analysis.

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