Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera

Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera

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Жанр : Tate Publishing
Издательство : Tate Publishing
Год издания : 2010


»First comes the photo, and then morality», «If your pictures aren't good, you haven't been close enough» — self-conscious and impolite, that's the way press photographers talk about their difficult trade. They are working at the front line not only in times of war, they condense contemporary history's events and everyday life situations, they tell stories in pictures which are meant to state what is essential on just a few pages. Photo journalism exists since 150 years. Even though its artistic ambitions often have to stand back, it is one of the most impressive chapters in the history of photography. What readers throw away after a short while, an observant contemporary has picked up and kept: photo journalist Robert Lebeck owns an important collection of magazines which documents the history of photojournalism. The illustrated broadsheet of famous photo reports extends from new railway stations in the 19th century to legendary photo series on the war in Vietnam, from Roger Fenton to Robert Capa, from the Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung to USSR under Construction, from Life and Vu to Stern magazine.

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