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Жанр : Tate Publishing
Издательство : Tate Publishing
Год издания : 2012


McSweeney's is an award-winning American publishing house, known for its innovative design and use of illustration and its belief in the book as a desirable object. Founded by Dave Eggars, the author of books including «A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius» and the novelisation of Maurice Sendak's «Where the Wild Things Are», McSweeney's publishes books, a quarterly journal, a magazine («The Believer»), DVD's and a website, all of which have evolved their own distinctive visual aesthetic. This book showcases the extraordinary visual appeal of productions across the range of their activities. Hundreds of images — from napkin sketches to final objects — give insights into the creative process, and interviews with participating designers, artists and illustrators explore the incidental, accidental and even deliberate ways McSweeney's has transformed the experience of reading. Contributors include Michael Chabon, Rick Moody, Jonathan Lethem, Charles Burns, Dave Eggers, David Byrne, Nick Hornby, Joyce Carol Oates, Jordan Crane, William T. Vollmann, Lawrence Weschler, Sean Wilsey, Marcel Dzama and many more.

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