Sharp Dennis: Bauhaus, Dessau: Walter Gropius

Sharp Dennis: Bauhaus, Dessau: Walter Gropius

Скачать книгу (размер 299 Kb , формат fb2, страниц 60) 

Жанр : Phaidon Press
Издательство : Phaidon Press
Год издания : 2010


The Architecture in Detail series comprises books that focus on individual buildings noted for their exceptional character, innovative design or technical virtuosity. Each volume contains a text by a respected author, a sequence of colour and black-and-white photographs and a set of technical drawings and working details. The Dessau Bauhaus encapsulates the ethos of that design school's revolutionary new thinking. With its interlocking cubic forms, reinforced concrete frame and glass curtain walls, it was the first large building to crystallize the Modern Movement's conception of form and space.

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