Courtney Davis: Compendium of Celtic Crafts

Courtney Davis: Compendium of Celtic Crafts

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Жанр : Search Press
Издательство : Search Press
Год издания : 2008


Drawing on the timeless appeal of Celtic art and design, which has attracted artists and craft workers for centuries, this book shows how Celtic themes can be applied to a range of contemporary crafts. Beginning with Celtic illumination, you are guided through the intricacies of Celtic design, learning how to construct and decorate a selection of knotwork, spiral, key and zoomorphic patterns. The next chapter covers the basic principles of Celtic lettering and decoration, and this is followed by chapters on jewelery making using Celtic knotwork designs, glass painting and paper crafts.The materials and equipment needed are carefully explained, and there are clear, step-by-step instructions guiding you through a broad range of projects. This is a fantastic practical resource that will appeal to anyone inspired by the world of the Celts, whether they are absolute beginners who wish to learn a new craft or more experienced craft workers who want to learn more about Celtic design.

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