Sagan F.: Theatre

Sagan F.: Theatre

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Жанр : Livre de Poche
Издательство : Livre de Poche
Год издания : 2012


This volume contains three plays, the first of which is unprecedented. The excess is otherwise a piece of boulevard. Funny and removed, the action takes place in Germany in 1914. Frederic, a young lieutenant, was the lover of a night of Adele's husband but it comes unexpectedly hunting ... A piano in the grass, it is the universe of which we Sagan is familiar. The characters, quarantine, on vacation in the countryside, seeking to regain their youth. But as one of them said: «Youth, darling, it's also dangerous to wake a tiger. «It is day and night the room is the most serious of the three. A young woman just released from the asylum where she spent three years as to whether she was really mad. She found her husband and cousin who are not necessarily the best intentions ...

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