Ignatieff Michael: Magnum Degrees

Ignatieff Michael: Magnum Degrees

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Жанр : Phaidon Press
Издательство : Phaidon Press
Год издания : 2010


Here the photographers of Magnum, 50 years after the legendary group began its documentary mission, address the world following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989; a period which has seen the triumph of US capitalism at one extreme and the resurgence of ancient blood feuds at the other. The book is built around photo-essays selected and introduced by the photographers, many shot especially for the book. From Henri Cartier-Bresson to Magnum's newest recruits, each photographer navigates the issues of history in their own way — some tackling the dramatic changes in the world head-on in the traditional manner of the «concerned photographer», others choosing subjects and aesthetic viewpoints which are entirely personal. The result is an album of contemporary photography about the world today. «Magnum» is introduced by historian, broadcaster and cultural commentator Michael Ignatieff, linking the substance and pace of change in the post-Cold-war world with the historic role of the Magnum witness and image-maker. This is a book about history and humanity, journalism and art, and revealing the photographers of Magnum entering a new era

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