Markaryanz G.L.: Russian Communications in Badges and Symbols

Markaryanz G.L.: Russian Communications in Badges and Symbols

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Жанр : Нумизматика, фалеристика
Издательство : Фонд «Русские Витязи»
Год издания : 2011


»Russian communications in badges and symbols» is a new and unique guide to faleristics. It is the first attempt to summarize all the information on badges and medals related to the history of communications in pre-revolutionary Russia, the Soviet Union and modern Russia. The authors of the book tried to tell about a small but very interesting area of faleristics dedicated to the post, telegraph and radio. The book consists of 13 chapters and covers the period from 1796 to 2009 and chronologically describes over 900 insignia, badges, tokens and medals. It is illustrated with the photos of military telegraph operators and officials of post and telegraph service on the Russian Empire, Soviet Union, as well as many other papers.

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