Naddeo Ciro Massimo: Dov'e Yukio

Naddeo Ciro Massimo: Dov'e Yukio

Скачать книгу (размер 320 Kb , формат fb2, страниц 64) 

Жанр : Alma Edizioni (Alma Italy)
Издательство : Alma Edizioni (Alma Italy)
Год издания : 1996


Where’s Yukio? And where are the three Japanese students from the Vox Language School? Are they the victims of a murderer? Or are they imprisoned in a country house on the Via Appia? Under the Roman sun, three friends — André, Carmen and Betty – try to solve the mystery. The «Italiano Facile» collection presents a series of original stories that are easy to read. Each story comes complete with comprehension tests, exercises and teaching activities. These stories, arranged in five levels according to vocabulary and grammatical difficulty, allow students of Italian as a foreign language to discover the joy of reading in Italian, while refining their knowledge of the language. Each title is available with an audio CD containing a dramatised reading of the story. Using a lively and enthralling style, the stories in the “Italiano Facile” collection offer the reader the opportunity to get in touch with the living language, outside the usual criteria for learning, through a variety of genres (crime, historical, detective, adventure etc.).

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