Williams Niall: Four Letters Of Love

Williams Niall: Four Letters Of Love

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Жанр : Macmillan Publishers
Издательство : Macmillan Publishers
Год издания : 2015


When I was twelve years old God spoke to my father for the first time. God didn't say much. He told my father to be a painter and left it at that... So begins Niall Williams magical tale about love and destiny. Nicholas Coughlan and Isabel Gore were made for each other — but fate doesn't always take the easiest or the most obvious route to true love. For a start, Nicholas and Isabel have never met and nor are they likely to, without some kind of divine intervention. But as God, ghosts, a series of coincidences and seemingly chance events and encounters conspire to bring the couple together, other — often more human — forces attempt to keep them apart. What will be, will be, of course, but that doesn't guarantee a happy-ever-after ending, nor answer the question Will they, won't they? Written in a lyrical, lilting tone, Four Letters of Love is a glorious, uplifting story about faith, about seizing the moment, believing in your instincts and acting on impulse — and about following your heart, no matter where it may lead.

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