Kiernan Celine: Into the Grey

Kiernan Celine: Into the Grey

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Жанр : O'Brien Press
Издательство : O'Brien Press
Год издания : 2009


'The scream was awful — a horrible desolate cry... the child led my unresisting brother up the path and further into the tangled garden. Out of my sight'. My name is Patrick Finnerty. I am fifteen and I'm losing my brother. A ghost is stealing him away. I know how crazy that sounds. But my brother, my twin, is going to die; I'm watching him die. No one else can see what's happening. What can I do? The answers seem to lie within the memory of a dream — between this world and the next. Within The Grey. But I don't want to go into The Grey. I don't want to. I've seen what it's like!

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