Kerr Hillary: What To Wear, Where: The How-to Handbook for Any Style Situation

Kerr Hillary: What To Wear, Where: The How-to Handbook for Any Style Situation

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Жанр : Abrams
Издательство : Abrams
Год издания : 2011


Life is stressful, your outfit shouldn't be. That's the philosophy behind the second book from the authors of the popular style guide Who What Wear. This time Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr take a new approach to a traditional style guide by giving readers exactly what they've asked them for-specific advice about how to put together the perfect look for all social occasions. A spin off of the most popular chapter from their first book, What to Wear, Where addresses over 50 different social situations, explains what you should wear, what you shouldn't wear, and also shows you exactly what they would wear, on their own very normal, real-girl bodies. What To Wear Where is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to feel more confident about her outfit choices. It's relevant to readers at any style level, no matter if they're semi-savvy dressers or super-skilled fashion fanatics. Less expensive than a personal shopper, more honest than a friend's opinion, and available to solve your wardrobe worries day or night. The book will feature images of the authors modeling different styles and choices for each occasion but will also feature runway and celebrity looks that may inspire each choice. This hybrid of real girl and celebrity will show readers exactly how to take looks and make them their own.

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