Kerley J.A.: In the Blood

Kerley J.A.: In the Blood

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Жанр : HarperCollins Publishers
Издательство : HarperCollins Publishers
Год издания : 2009


The fifth in the bestselling series of psychological thrillers featuring Carson Ryder, the detective with a unique perspective on serial killers — his brother's one. The heat-soaked madness of Alabama's steamy nights are the lifeblood of homicide detective Carson Ryder. His grim past carries a murderous burden that only his laid-back partner Harry Nautilus understands. They are all that stands between the citizens of the city of Mobile and the deranged killers who breed in the swampy heartlands of the Deep South. Now Carson's secret is out — literally. His murderous blood brother Jeremy is at large. And there's a bizarre new case involving an abandoned infant, a murdered S&M-loving televangelist, Neo-Nazis and satantic rituals. The trail leads them to a renowned geneticist and a possible link to the crime of the century!

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