Kaplan: Kaplan SAT Advanced: 2010

Kaplan: Kaplan SAT Advanced: 2010

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Жанр : Kaplan Publishing
Издательство : Kaplan Publishing
Год издания : 2010


Getting a top score on the SAT is crucial for admissions into a top college and getting crucial scholarships and financial aid packages. Kaplan's SAT Advanced 2010 Edition is the perfect guide for students who are serious about gaining an edge on the competition and getting a perfect score on test day. With undergraduate admissions competition increasing, the costs of college higher than ever, and the economy uncertain, acing the SAT has never been so important. This indispensable guide provides students with the toughest practice questions and best strategies to help them achieve a great score on the SAT. It includes: — The most challenging practice sets for all three sections of the SAT. — Detailed answer explanations. — More Kaplan-exclusive tips from our SAT experts than ever before, including proven advice from SAT tutors and a student who got a perfect score on the exam. — Strategies for the most complicated short and long reading comprehension passages. — Techniques for the most challenging usage, sentence correction, and paragraph correction questions. — Time-saving strategies for the hardest math problems, including the 100 essential math concepts you need to know for test day. — Step-by-step methods for writing top-scoring essays.

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