Kaplan: Kaplan GRE Exam Advanced Verbal

Kaplan: Kaplan GRE Exam Advanced Verbal

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Жанр : Kaplan Publishing
Издательство : Kaplan Publishing
Год издания : 2009


Kaplan GRE Exam Advanced Verbal Workbook provides advanced verbal prep and exclusive GRE strategies for students looking to improve their verbal score and score in the top percentiles. This workbook includes Kaplan-exclusive strategies, the most challenging practice questions, and GRE test information for those who insist on a competitive edge. Last year, approximately 600,000 people took the GRE. With the U.S. economy and job market in constant flux, students of all ages have increasingly turned to graduate programs and the GRE to expand employment options. The Verbal GRE score is especially important for students seeking entry to graduate programs in English language and literature, history, fine arts, linguistics, and other humanities-based programs.

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