Kaplan: Kaplan GMAT Math Foundations

Kaplan: Kaplan GMAT Math Foundations

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Жанр : Kaplan Publishing
Издательство : Kaplan Publishing
Год издания : 2009


This valuable guide includes: Comprehensive coverage of the arithmetic, algebra, and geometry concepts tested by the GMAT An intensive, back-to-basics, tutor-led approach to math review Hundreds of practice exercises to increase speed and accuracy ABOUT THE GMAT * Approximately 37% of test takers are from outside the U.S. * The number of tests taken increased by 7% from 2006 (204,509) to 2007 (219,077). * Of the test-takers in 2007, 60% were men, 40% were women. * Thousands of graduate management programs around the world use the GMAT in their admissions process. * The GMAT is a computerized test offered year-round by appointment.

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