Kamikaze Factory Studio: Shonen Manga

Kamikaze Factory Studio: Shonen Manga

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Жанр : HarperCollins Publishers
Издательство : HarperCollins Publishers
Год издания : 2012


A step-by-step guide revealing all the tricks and secrets behind creating your own dynamic, eye-catching manga characters, Shonen Manga is a fun, easy to read manga manual for freehand and digital artists of all ages and languages. Shonen Manga is a practical, hands-on guide to learning the skills of action-packed manga drawing. Detailed graphics and instructions explore popular types of Shonen characters — Shonen means young boy, and refers to elementary through grade school aged groups of both genders — and help you master crucial technical skills, including applying digital colour, creating 3D designs, rendering vectorial drawings, and a host of other fascinating and useful design applications. Organized into step-by-step projects that specify software, tools, and professional tricks, Shonen Manga is sure to help budding artists achieve the gritty gazes, roaring faces, and clenched fists of our favorite teen heroes, sports champions, martial art masters, ninja girls, and indomitable samurai at the heart of the Shonen genre.

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