Kelly Hoppen: Style: The Golden Rules of Design

Kelly Hoppen: Style: The Golden Rules of Design

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Жанр : Hachette Livre
Издательство : Hachette Livre
Год издания : 2006


Simple, sophisticated, yet invitingly luxurious interiors are the hallmark of Kelly Hoppen's distinctive style. In this beautiful decorating handbook, Hoppen imparts the golden rules she has gathered from twenty-five years of innovative designs, giving you the confidence to bring the same serene elegance into your home. Using examples drawn from her fabulous portfolio of projects, Hoppen takes you through each room in the house and shares the secrets of her design approach. She explains how to assess a room's potential and then how to decorate and layer the space with texture, color, and lighting. Kelly Hoppen Style taps into the creativity and experience of one of the world's foremost designers and will help inspire you to transform your home with harmony, beauty, and a touch of drama. Kelly Hoppen is a world-renowned British designer whose unique design aesthetic has won her international acclaim. Hoppen has also written East Meets West, In Touch, Kelly Hoppen Close Up, and Monochrome Home.

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