Instant Style

Instant Style

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Жанр : Hachette Livre
Издательство : Hachette Livre
Год издания : 2012


Ever been overwhelmed by a closet that feels as if its filled with all the wrong pieces Instant Style is the ultimate guide to streamlining, shopping for, and maintaining your ideal wardrobe all year round. The book starts with the basics, outlining essential clothing items for each seasonwinter coats, spring skirts, summer sandals, fall sweatersthen shows how to complement them with pieces that accentuate personal style. Learn which tops go with what pants, what boots look best with different skirt shapes, how the right bag can change the entire look of an outfit, and how to flatter your coloring and figure. Find out when to hit the best sales, whats worth splurging on, and how to recognize quality in clothes. Finally, benefit from the books listing of recommended stores around the country. Instant Style is filled with hundreds of colorful photographs of clothes and celebrities that will inspire and delight. It is the first book that gives readers everything they need to make getting dressed, no matter what the occasion and season, as enjoyable and easy as it should be.

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