Rough Luxe Design: The New Love of Old

Rough Luxe Design: The New Love of Old

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Жанр : Farameh Media
Издательство : Farameh Media
Год издания : 2011


This book includes over 60 places around the world that use the Rough Luxe aesthetic in their design and features an introduction by Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman & Williams who are pioneers in the Rough Luxe Movement. The worn, vintage and unfinished look of 'rough luxe' is more than just the masculine side of shabby chic. It creates the kind of authenticity that is unscripted history in physical form. It reinvents the past by redefining luxury today. Here design rejects minimalism and extravagance and celebrates imperfection. It is the embodiment of real at a time when the unexpected and the surprising is valued more highly than pristine and probable. Design elements are washed and worn with history, reminding us of bygone times with an industrial look into the future. Fabrics are distressed over immaculate furnishings, painted walls are faded like expressionist fine art, and perfectly torn wallpaper shows the multiple years of its story. Rough Luxe Design features the most exclusive list of interior designers, furniture purveyors, industrial designers, and trendsetting entrepreneurs responsible for bringing 'rough luxury' into the cultural consciousness. This beautifully illustrated book showcases the best examples of how the masterful staging of raw imperfection can fulfil the desire for a luxury design.

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