Wodehouse P.G.: The Inimitable Jeeves

Wodehouse P.G.: The Inimitable Jeeves

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Жанр : Everyman
Издательство : Everyman
Год издания : 2007


Typical — just when Bertie thinks that God's in his heaven and all's right with the world, things start to go wrong again... There's young Bingo Little, who's in love for the umpteenth time and needs Bertie to put in a good word for him with his uncle; Aunt Agatha, who forces Bertie to get engaged to the formidable Honoria Glossop; and the troublesome twins, Claude and Eustace, whose antics when let loose in London know no bounds. Add to that some friction in the Wooster home over a red cummerbund, purple socks and some snazzy old Etonian spats, and poor Bertie's really in the soup... Only one man can save the day — the inimitable Jeeves. The characters include: Bertie Wooster — Narrator who went to school with Bingo and also won a prize at his first school for the best collection of wild flowers; Jeeves — Bertie's valet who has an aunt who loves the romantic novels of Rosie M. Banks; Bingo Little — Mortimer's nephew who loves Mabel. He tells his uncle that Bertie is really Rosie M. Banks; Mabel — waitress in a tea shop; Mortimer Little — retired fat businessman who owned Little's Liniment — «It Limbers Up the Legs.» He is a gourmet; and Jane Watson — Mortimer's cook engaged to Jeeves, but not for long.

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