Bradbury Ray: Stories of Ray Bradbury

Bradbury Ray: Stories of Ray Bradbury

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Жанр : Everyman
Издательство : Everyman
Год издания : 2010


Included here are famous tales like 'Sound of Thunder', in which the carelessness of a group of time-travellers leads to disastrous consequences, and 'The Veldt', in which two seemingly innocent young children transform their nursery into a lethal trap. Here are the Martian stories, tales that vividly animate the red planet with its brittle cities and double-mooned sky. Here are stories which speak of a special nostalgia for Green Town, Illinois, the perfect setting for a seemingly cloudless childhood — except for the unknown terror lurking in the ravine. Here are the Irish stories and the Mexican stories, linked across their separate geographies by Bradbury's astonishing inventiveness. Here, too, are thrilling, terrifying stories such as 'The Fog Horn' — perfect for reading under the covers. Read for the first time, these stories are a feast for the imagination; read again — and again — they reveal new, dazzling facets of a master storyteller's extraordinary art.

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