Eve Drobot: Smart-Opedia

Eve Drobot: Smart-Opedia

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Жанр : Daedalus Books
Издательство : Daedalus Books
Год издания : 2007


Smart-opedia: The Amazing Book About Everything is designed to make learning an absorbing adventure that's a treat for even the most reluctant learner. Expertly organized so readers can find what they want when they want it, the book's four main sections (The World Around Us, Life, History, and Genius) are separated into nine detailed chapters (Astronomy, Planet Earth, Plants, Animals, The Human Body, History, The Arts, Science and Technology, and Today's World) that cover more than 85 entertaining and thought-provoking subjects. Each thematic section contains colorful spreads with dramatic illustrations, photographs, and maps, and the book is packed with special features, such as Food for Thought, presenting myths, legends, famous quotes, and historical perspectives. There are also mini-bios that shed light on luminaries from da Vinci to Disney, career descriptions that introduce readers to diverse occupations they may not have heard about, and much more. This fun book entertains youngsters with answers to questions they might not even have known they had, and helps them decipher the world around them, stay abreast of current events, and form opinions on important issues. Meticulously researched, it is also an excellent reference text for homework assignments and school projects.

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