Evans Harriet: Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero

Evans Harriet: Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero

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Жанр : HarperCollins Publishers
Издательство : HarperCollins Publishers
Год издания : 2014


An absorbing and romantic Quick Read from the Sunday Times bestselling author. Laura Foster has always been a hopeless romantic. And that's fine. Isn't it? Because as well as being a romantic, Laura is sensible. She's passionate about her job, she has a big dream (a beautiful children's bookshop for kids), she works incredibly hard. She is also madly in love with her boyfriend Nick. So all should be just fine. But Nick happens to have a very complicated family background. Nick's family are making things very difficult for Laura. Why are they being so hostile? And by pushing Laura away, are they going to make Nick have to choose between the woman of his dreams and his very own family?

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