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Evans David: Understand Mussolini's Italy

Скачать книгу (размер 973 Kb , формат fb2, страниц 192) Аннотация: Mussolini's Italy is a compelling introduction to this infamous fascist dictator and his extraordinary rule. Though sometimes regarded as a farcical ruler, Mussolini's 'brutal friendship' with Hitler and his tyrannical killing of over a million people cannot be ignored as crucial aspects of modern European history. David Evans' pacy and nuanced analysis of the rise and fall of this colourful yet…

Evans David: Understand Stalin's Russia

Скачать книгу (размер 1 136 Kb , формат fb2, страниц 224) Аннотация: Understand Stalin's Russia is a compelling introduction to a man and a nation long enveloped in mystery. It covers all aspects of this fascinating history, from the shadows of Tsarism and the legacy of Lenin, to the implications of Stalin's rule — including the horrific effects of the five-year plans, and the heroic but costly triumph in the Great Patriotic War.

Evans David: Powerbase: Beginner. Course Book

Скачать книгу (размер 524 Kb , формат fb2, страниц 104) Аннотация: International English for working adults. This new short course has been specially written for adults who need low-level English for work, travel and everyday situations. With Powerbase, they can: — start speaking immediately with clear, structured speaking activities in every lesson; — learn everyday phrases and over 350 key words used in work, travel and socialising; — gain a thorough…