Raftery Andrew T.: Churchill's Differential Diagnosis (+ CD-ROM)

Raftery Andrew T.: Churchill's Differential Diagnosis (+ CD-ROM)

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Жанр : Elsevier
Издательство : Elsevier
Год издания : 2005


The information in this Pocketbook and PDA CD-ROM will help the student and junior doctor move from a presenting problem to a diagnosis. The content covers 100 common presenting problems which occur in both medicine and surgery. Each problem is dealt with in a standard manner: a brief definition of the problem; a reference table of possible diagnoses ordered by body system; a step-by-step guide to the history and examination of the patient with a view to making a final positive diagnosis; and a list of general instructions which could be carried out, followed by appropriate specific investigations. This package provides the user with this essential diagnostic content in both a handy pocketbook format but also for loading onto a PDA from the enclosed CD-ROM.

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