Стейнбек Джон Эрнст: Жемчужина (на английском языке)

Стейнбек Джон Эрнст: Жемчужина (на английском языке)

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Жанр : Easy Readers
Издательство : Easy Readers
Год издания : 2007


Coyotito, the baby boy, is to be the future for his parents, the young couple Kino and Juana, pearl fishers on the Gulf of California. The boy is to go to school and learn to read, so that he will know what is in the books. That will give knowledge and freedom to him and, through him, to his parents. All that is needed is money to pay for the school. Money will come when they sell the great pearl they have found. Then they will even be able to buy some new clothes, and to get married in church. That is their well-laid plan. Steinbeck tells you what becomes of it.

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