Woodward Kay: Cinderella

Woodward Kay: Cinderella

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Жанр : Carlton
Издательство : Carlton
Год издания : 2013


A pretty young girl begins a new life of misery when her mother dies and her father remarries. Nicknaming her Cinderella, the girl's stepmother and ugly stepsisters soon put her to work, and when a royal invitation to two wonderful balls arrives, she is cruelly excluded. On the night of the first ball, however, Cinderella is rescued by her fairy godmother, who magically conjures a fine ball gown and golden coach, and firmly instructs her to be home by midnight. The prince is enchanted by the beautiful Cinderella, but when the clock strikes twelve she hurries home, losing her glass slipper in her haste. With the sparkling shoe as his only clue, the prince sets out to find his mysterious new love...

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