Basics Fashion Design 07: Menswear

Basics Fashion Design 07: Menswear

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Жанр : Разное
Издательство : AVA Publishing
Год издания : 2013


Basics Fashion Design 07: Menswear offers an updated perspective on the shifting and sometimes complex relationships that exist within this fascinating area of fashion. This visually stimulating book provides a broad introduction to the subject by considering a range of social and historical contexts that have served to define and redefine menswear through the ages. Both the design process and sources of research for menswear are considered and presented in context with fashion drawings and presentation formats — from students and recent graduates as well as more established design labels. There are also interviews with contemporary menswear labels, stylists and designers, which provide valuable insights into the different styles and role models who continue to influence and define menswear in the 21st century.

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