National Geographic: Visions of Paradise

National Geographic: Visions of Paradise

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Жанр : National Geographic Society
Издательство : National Geographic Society
Год издания : 2008


»Visions of Paradise» is a panoply of experiences from the most peripatetic photographers on Earth — the photographers of «National Geographic Magazine». After all the stories and all the journeys, each man and each woman shares with us the place he or she found to be Heaven on Earth. The pictures come from all seven continents, from different times of year, in different climates. The stories are as minute as the glance of an amorous leopard seal before lunch or as vast as the landscape of Iceland during the days of the midnight sun. You will swim with penguins underneath the ice in the Antarctic, rest on a leaf in the Amazon with a dragonfly, and roam the forest floor in Borneo with a recognized scientist. By the end, you will know that very effort you make to treasure and preserve our planet is an effort to find your own place that feels like Heaven on Earth.

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