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McCarthy Brian: Luminous Interiors

McCarthy Brian: Luminous Interiors

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Жанр : Abrams
Издательство : Abrams
Год издания : 2014


Brian McCarthy is an alumnus of the legendary Parish-Hadley firm where he started as Albert Hadley's assistant in 1983. In 1989, McCarthy became a partner of Parish Hadley where his credits include residences in New York City, Southampton, Toronto, Palm Beach, California, Bermuda and the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C. In 1991 he was one of twenty alumni recognised by Pratt Institute at a retrospective exhibition honouring students who had become leaders in the field of design. He started his own firm in 1991 and has designed some of the most glamorous interiors in the world including portions of the Frick museum and the home of the ambassador, Winfield House in Regents Park, which sits on the second largest property in London, exceeded only by Buckingham Palace. In his first book, Brian McCarthy will reveal the astonishing residences that he has designed across America and speak to the reader about how they can be inspired in their own home. Hundreds of colour photographs will chronicle McCarthy's unique approach towards design and renovation. McCarthy concentrates on the finishes and effects of surfaces in his rooms and as a consequence his rooms have an incredibly layered and textured look. The outcome is a gathering of residences that, in every way, stand apart — and make Brian McCarthy one of the most sought-after, highly regarded interior designers of his time.

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